Best Boat Seats with Armrests 2021 Buyer’s Guide

The longer journeys one makes in a boat, the more one notices just how uncomfortable the OEM boat seat is. Perhaps it wobbles, or there are no armrests to speak of, or the padding is either worn or wholly inadequate to support the body when seated for an extended period. In any case, sooner or later, a boat owner decides to upgrade the existing seat for something better.

One should usually look for a tough frame like one made from hard plastic that doesn’t break under pressure. Armrests are equally important to avoid never knowing where to place your arms; these usually will be made from aluminum. The armrests often have layers of foam inside for padding and a covering over the top of the foam to be comfortable in the boat seat.

Vinyl is a popular material for seating that’s easy to wipe down to remove germs. Some types of vinyl come pre-treated against mildew buildup. Marine grade vinyl is tougher than regular kinds of vinyl to withstand wet and windy conditions out on the water and contributes well to its durability. So today we will discuss about top 3 boat seats with armrests in detail.

Here are the Best 3 Boat Seats with Armrests:

1. Wise 8WD431AR-710 Helm Seat

The Wise Helm Seat is the handsome710 model that comes with two aluminum armrests. The seat is filled with foam padding that lets the user sink deeply into its 6-inch depth. The foam has a good density to ensuring the Medium firm seating width of 19.5-inches is neither too firm nor too fishing boat seats with armrests

The chair uses aluminum to deliver both rigidity and strength from the molded plastic frame to each armrest and up to the back area. The white marine-grade vinyl cover is a dense 28-ounce version designed to handle the worst weather conditions out at sea. The vinyl is resistant to ultra-violet light damage and has a mildew treatment to prevent moisture leading to unhealthy germs settling in the seat.

The armrests side on top of their own aluminum side frame. The armrests are padded and obscure the metal frame once seated. The armrests aren’t deep, but still, have sufficient foam padding to offer comfort during long sea journeys. The treated vinyl also ensures protection from germs and damage from sunlight.

The back support has the same sturdy aluminum as the rest of the body. It provides a degree of flex built into it to allow the person seated to lean back into the chair a little.

With the product being supplied with a vinyl cover, it is a simple matter to disinfect it and wipe the seat down to remove any bacterial build up. The same may be said of leather seating, but not of fabric-based surfaces. Vinyl is also less costly to fix cuts or other minor damage.

The seat is designed to fit the 4-bold pedestal system that’s the BIA Standard. The mounting must line up perfectly and takes a bit of time to fit correctly. Any people with little experience of boating may wish to seek the assistance of a fellow boat owner to help out.

The upholstery comes with a 3-year warranty while the frame has a 6-year warranty.

2. Tempress Elite High Back Helm Seat

The Tempress Elite High Back Helm Seat comes in a choice of either charcoal/gray mix or straight white color schemes. The option to choose the color is appealing, not just for personal preference, but also because it is easier to match the new seat to the surrounding cabin.

With either color selection, the same chair design is applied. The high back design sees the outer oval-shaped seating area rise 26-inches high to support the head and neck fully. There is a surrounding oval shaped arch to the inner part of the back padding that makes it stand out. Inside the oval are three padded sections to support the center of the spine. A second darker section works from the waist down and includes a curved area providing additional lumbar support for the back and the top of the backside pontoon boat seats with armrests reviews

The use of foam is reduced by the design which accentuates smart contouring rather than overloading the chair with foam inserts that would have increased its weight. The front of the seat curves around both sides nicely to avoid angular look making the seating appear more ergonomic. The patented style-panel system is employed here to give the side panels a cleaner appearance.

To handle the extremes of marine weather conditions, the seat is covered with 30-ounce marine-grade vinyl for durability. The material is no problem to maintain and disinfect to avoid mildew and other damp-related bacteria building up over time.

The side panels help prevent the Captain from sliding around inside the chair during rough seas. Each of the side arm rests provide a firm surface to rest the arms and hands on. Not as soft as some other boat seats, but many Captain’s prefer more firmness there.

To help mount the boat seat, the product comes with a set of screws. Using a thread lock is a good idea to avoid them becoming unscrewed and falling out due to the vibrations during many sea trips. There are holes to help fix the chair to the mounting plates. It is sometimes necessary to drill new holes to line up successfully with the ones that are already present with the chair. To help carry the seat and move it correctly into position, it comes with an underside handle.

3. Leader Accessories White Captain’s Seat Boat Seat

The Leader Accessories White Captain’s Seat Boat Seat is a comfortable swivel chair. It is decked Leader Accessories White Captain's Seat Boat Seat reviewsout in white with a layered seat with a ribbed seating area and side edges that rise sharply. The design will certainly help keep the Captain firmly in the seat during rough seas which is excellent.

The back support uses the same white inner ribbed design but doesn’t push out at the sides as the seating does. The plush filling in the seating, back, and armrests is foam for support and durability. The plastic frame has been molded to fit exactly and is accessorized by aluminum support arms and back support with the foam armrest and foam backrest attached to this framing system. All foam areas are covered with the marine-grade vinyl that comes in a white color with an attractive gray trim along the edges.

Mounting the chair to the mounting plate is pretty simple. The product comes with either a 5-inch by 5-inch or 5-inch by the the12-inch set pattern for bolts to fit through. A mesh cover on the bottom may be removed when attaching the seat to an existing pedestal. There are four screws, and washers supplied to mount the chair to the current mounting plate on the boat.

The chair has a low-to-mid back level so that it won’t support the shoulders, neck or head. It measures 24-inches wide, 20-inches deep, and 19.5-inches high.

A three-year warranty is included for the upholstery and 5-year warranty for the frame.


Choosing the right replacement chair for your boat is often a personal decision. It certainly needs to fit properly to the existing mounting plate, but where the boat is more for pleasure boating, its color scheme comes into play too. The materials are less of an issue as many products are made from fairly standard core materials. Where products tend to differ is their overall build quality which affects how long-lasting they’ll be.

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