Best Electric Saltwater Trolling Motors Review

A trolling motor is important to travel through the water at speed or when your main motor has let you down and you’re stranded on the water. At that point, a trolling motor is vital. It’s also useful to get into and out of the harbor for sailboats and some other boat types.

There are different kinds of water that a boat or kayak float on. Some are freshwater, and others are salt water. Saltwater can erode exposed wiring, a motor, propeller, and the underside of boats. For this reason, there are special saltwater motors to protect against the corrosive effects of salt water on metal and other components over time.

A saltwater trolling motor is made up of a propeller on the end of a shaft that sits in the water. Above it is the electric motor and the controls. A battery for the motor is sold separately.

These useful motors were first created in 1895 and have been in regular use ever since. They create a good rate of knots while providing minimal to no drag on the water. The best models are durable, resist early rust and perform reliably too.

Here Are 10 Best Electric Saltwater Trolling Motor To Choose From


Newport Vessels X-Series 55 lb. Thrust Saltwater Transom Mounted Electric Trolling Motor with 36″ Shaft

The Newport Vessels X-Series Saltwater trolling motor has 55-pounds of thrust, uses a transom mount and is powered by electricity. It has a tough fiberglass shaft coupled with a mount made of strengthening nylon. The shaft itself is 36-inches long, so it extends a good way into the water once fitted into saltwater trolling motor reviews

The system is a 12-volt DC one. There’s a telescoping handle that points inwards into the craft and extends up to 6-inches to suit the position you prefer. It adjusts by 30-degrees up or down too. The powerful 55-pound of thrust is selectable through 5 forward speeds and 3 reverse speeds to ease into a mooring spot gently or accelerate away from trouble (gators, anyone!).

The equipment is built around stainless steel making it suitable for use in both saltwater and freshwater too. The propeller has a 10-inch diameter and sports three blades to cut through the water proficiently. This motor is ideal for many watercraft including inflatable ones. The list of suitable boats includes fishing (aluminum or non-aluminum), kayaks, tenders, dinghies, and inflatables with a transom to help fit the trolling motor. The equipment works best with a marine or deep-cycle battery (12-volt) which does not come with the purchase.

  • Saltwater trolling motor with 55 lbs of thrust
  • Stainless steel design for saltwater and freshwater usage
  • Fiberglass shaft that extends 36-inches
  • 12-volt DC system
  • Uses deep-cycle or marine batteries (not included)
  • Telescoping handle extends to 6-inches and 30-degree angle
  • 5 forward speeds and 3 reverse speeds
  • 3-blade, 10-inch diameter propeller
  • Plastic mounts

Minn Kota Endura Max in Shaft Thrust Trans Mnt

The Minn Kota Endura Max (we’re reviewing the Endura C2 55 model) is an all-black colored trolling motor with 55 pounds of thrust to get you moving. The telescoping handle extends 6-inches into the boat for comfortable steering and has some curved ridges to make it easier to grip too. The trans mount neatly gets manually screwed into place until it has a solid grip on the electric trolling motor reviews

The shaft is either 36-inches or 42-inches depending on which model you pick. Either way, maker Minn Kota stands by the robustness of the shaft and does not expect it to break off under rough waters. When pushing the motor to its limit, the noise above the water and heat emanating from the equipment is pleasingly low. This clearly demonstrates the quality brand beyond this product.

  • Powerful saltwater trolling motor with 55 lbs of thrust availability
  • The tough shaft that is either 36-inches or 42-inches long depending on the model selected
  • The manufacturer expects the shaft to be virtually unbreakable
  • Lower noise and reduced heat when pushing the motor to the maximum
  • Moves through the undergrowth with ease
  • Black telescoping handle with grips (extends to 6-inches)
  • Mounting screws into place

Newport Vessels 62lb Thrust Electric Trolling Motor Saltwater

The Newport Vessels Electric Trolling Motor Saltwater with 62-pounds of thrust is a mostly white-colored product to match lighter-colored boats. The stubby-looking telescoping handle is white at the end, but the telescoping part is black to provide some contrasting. The black screw mounting system grips the side of the boat well and interrupts the white shaft as it goes down towards the water’s electric trolling motor

The shaft is made from a fiberglass composite to be stronger than you’d initially expect. It includes the nylon-based mounting system. The shaft is a generous 40-inches in length.

The propeller’s engine section is white, but the 10-inch propeller with its three blades being made from aluminum for added strength.

There’s also a useful orange battery LED protruding forward of the handle to indicate clearly what the current power level is. The product has 8 speeds in all – 5 forward and 3 back, like many other Newport Vessel trolling motors.

Requires a 12-volt battery to power it (not supplied).

  • Mostly white colored trolling motor for lighter colored boats
  • 62 pounds of thrust
  • Saltwater-ready trolling motor
  • Requires a 12-volt battery
  • Orange LED battery level is shown ahead of the handle
  • 6-inch telescoping handle
  • Nylon mount and 40-inch compose fiberglass shaft
  • May rust if left in the water when not in use

Haswing 12v 55 Lbs Variable Speed Electric Trolling Motor White Color

The Haswing Variable Speed Motor comes has 55 lbs of thrust and fits using a bow mount which is different from some other trolling motors reviewed. It is made almost completely in white with only the propeller and a few other parts clad in black. The motor runs off a 12-volt DC battery to power it.electric outboard motor reviews

This product is rated to handle a boat, people, and equipment weighing up to 2,750 pounds. Essentially, the heavier the load, the slower the boat will move. A boat up to 20 feet is recommended too.

It comes with a 48-inch aluminum shaft which is lengthier than most other products. There is a black deploy peddle at the front to help lower the shaft into the water once the bow mount is securely in place.

There’s a useful wireless remote that lets you command the functions, control direction, and power from a comfortable distance. The maximum is just over 160 feet when unobstructed. A 360-degree turn is possible using this system.

The tri-bladed propeller cuts through the water well. The engine will auto-shutoff when the prop gets tangled up to avoid the engine overheating.

  • 55 pounds of power
  • 12-volt battery system (not included)
  • 48-inch aluminum shaft
  • Deploy peddle system to lower the prop into the water
  • Engine shutoff when propelling gets tangled underwater
  • Tri-blade propeller
  • Good alternative option to well-known brands
  • Not the biggest name in trolling motors
  • Using the remote to activate isn’t always clear
  • Without a functional remote, the model cannot be used
  • Remote not the most reliable

Minn Kota Riptide SC Transom Trolling Motor, 45-Pound

The Minn Kota Riptide SC Transom Trolling Motor has 45 pounds of thrust to push your boat through the water. There’s good battery management with a digital maximizer to control the amount of energy expended during use and when idle too.trolling motors for sale

The transom mount works efficiently with the two medal points to turn their respective handles to get a secure fit. The trolling motor is unlike to move around the stern when affixed properly.

The respected Minn Kota brand is evident here in the build quality. It is designed to handle saltwater well. The electrical controls are sealed up to avoid any corrosion causing a loss of functionality or control while out on a lake, river or open water.

There are 5 speeds forward and 3 in reverse. The speed switch isn’t protected from saltwater which makes it a little vulnerable. The head also has drainage holes that are open, so salt water could get in there. It’s probably best to wipe down the motor after use and not wash it out to avoid drowning the components.

The white shaft stretches to 36-inches which is reasonable. The 12-volt battery needed can provide several hours of usage at 50-75% power consumption. The prop is a basic model; nothing fancy. The battery meter has a testing facility to double check levels before heading out on the water.

  • Saltwater trolling motor
  • White color
  • 45 pounds of thrust
  • Transom mount
  • 5 speeds forward and 3 for reverse
  • 36-inch shaft
  • Battery meter to double check levels
  • Some drainage holes are present which could take in saltwater and cause internal damage over time. Best to let them drain out and dry without washing out manually
  • Speed control is not sealed

Newport Vessels 36 lb. Thrust Saltwater Transom Mounted Electric Trolling Motor

The Newport Vessels NV-Series Thrust Saltwater Electric motor has 36 pounds of thrust. The mount is made from toughened nylon and should hold in place perfectly. The telescoping handle offers up to 6-inches of length to suit different sized people. The shaft is made from a strong composite material and is 30-inches long which is a little on the short side.foot control trolling motor

The motor provides 5 forward speeds and 3 in reverse. There’s a 5-level battery power meter indicator to confirm how much battery life is left. Many of the parts are made from stainless steel to avoid rusting from the saltwater.

This type of trolling motor is designed for use with kayaks, tenders, fishing boats (regular and aluminum hulled), dinghies and inflatable boats.

The 12-volt DC system is supported by a battery which is not supplied.

  • 36 pounds of thrust
  • Composite shaft (30-inches)
  • Telescoping handle (6-inches)
  • Mount made from strengthened nylon
  • Supports inflatables and other small vessels
  • Battery level meter
  • Powered by 12-volt battery (not supplied)
  • Shorter shaft than most other products

Cloud Mountain 36/40/46/50/55/60/86 LBS Thrust 8 Speed Electric Trolling Motor

The Cloud Mountain LBS Thrust Electric Trolling Motor is an interesting product. It has a choice of pounds of thrust depending on whichever model version is selected. There’s a 36-pound one, and 40, 46, 50, 55, 60 and 86-pound versions too. For people who like this type of trolling motor, they can match the pounds of thrust they require to carry their size vessel through the water without needing to look for a different trolling motor entirely.remote control trolling motor

The telescoping handle has a twist on it and a molded grip too. It extends to six inches. The brackets to hold the mount are made front strengthened nylon for greater durability. The 28-inch shaft is a composite fiberglass with extra strength and designed to avoid corrosion in saltwater.

All kinds of smaller boats are suitable including inflatables, kayaks, dinghies, fishing boats and more.

There is a 10-level LED battery indicator to confirm power levels. Batteries are not included in the box.

  • Saltwater trolling motor
  • Different models for 36-pound, 40, 46, 50, 55, 60 and 86-pound thrust
  • Telescoping handle up to 6-inches with a rubberized grip
  • Short 28-inch composite shaft
  • 10-level LED battery monitor
  • Suitable for many small watercraft including inflatables
  • Bolts aren’t stainless steel and could rust faster as a result

Newport Vessels NV-Series 46 lb. Thrust Saltwater Transom Mounted Electric Trolling Motor with 30″ Shaft

The Newport Vessels NV-Series Thrust Saltwater Transom Mounted motor with a 46-pounds thrust. The motor is very quiet in the water and runs cooler to avoid getting too hot.

The fiberglass shaft is 30-inches long and strong enough to deal with different water conditions, reeds in the water, and other things. For the most part, these 46 pounds of thrust is enough to power through muddle water and other obstacles.gps trolling motor

The handle is a telescoping kind and goes out to 6-inches. The variable speed options offer 5 forward speeds and 3 going in reverse for perfect control in and out of the dock.

An LED display has 5 levels to confirm the state of the charge on the battery. The 12-volt marine battery that’s required powers the motor for several hours on the water.

The quality components are covered with a mixture of stainless steel, magnesium, and zinc to make them handle the saltwater better over time.

  • Extremely quiet during operation
  • 46-pounds of thrust
  • Saltwater ready
  • LED display with five battery levels
  • Telescoping handle out to 6-inches
  • Fiberglass 30-inch shaft
  • 3-blade propeller for smooth action through the water
  • Hardware composed of stainless steel, magnesium, and zinc
  • Best to dry by the handle, not rinse to avoid saltwater contamination

Newport Vessels 55 Pound Thrust 8 Speed Electric Trolling Motor

The Newport Vessels 55 pounds of thrust trolling motor provides that extra push through the water that larger vessels require. Nevertheless, the motor is surprisingly quiet in the water during operation.

 minn kota trolling motors for sale

The housing on the product is stainless steel to make it more durable during the boating season. There’s a solid 8-speed electric motor present that has 5 selectable speeds forward and also 3 for going backward to maneuver into slips and harbors safely.

The 30-inch shaft is made from a composite to make it far sturdier in the water and able to take knocks here and there. The telescoping handle has a good grip on it for a firm hand on the direction you’re going in. A marine or deep cycle battery is needed and there’s a 5 level LED to confirm its present level when one is installed.

  • Saltwater trolling motor with 55-pounds of roaring thrust
  • Fiberglass 30-inch shaft
  • 5-LED battery indicator
  • 5 Speeds forward and 3 back
  • Stainless steel, zinc, and other tough hardware to avoid rust
  • The seals aren’t as robust as one would hope., Probably get a couple of years out of this model

Newport Vessels 86lb Thrust Electric Trolling Motor Saltwater

The Newport Vessels 86lb Thrust Electric Trolling Motor Saltwater is the big daddy of motors. It has a full 86-pounds of thrust which can push mid-size boats through the water successfully. Accordingly, it requires a 24-volt DC battery setup to provide enough juice to power this beefy motor. This larger motor is intended for bigger boats like sailboats and pontoons. foot controlled trolling motors

The fiberglass shaft is longer at 40-inches and has a tough nylon mount to keep the trolling motor attached to the stern. The product will operate in both saltwater and freshwater. There’s the standard 8 speed with this motor supplying 5 for forward motion and 3 to go in reverse.

The telescoping handle has a head that’s aluminum for better strength and extends to 6-inches. Two deep cycle or marine batteries operating together are required to power the motor.

  • Huge 86 pounds of thrust saltwater motor
  • Designed for sailboats and pontoon boats
  • White color with black mounting and propeller
  • Requires 2 x 12-volt, 24-volt DC deep cycle or marine batteries working together
  • 8-speed model (5 forward, 3 back)
  • 3-blade propeller
  • Longer 40-inch composite shaft
  • Aluminum 6-inch telescoping handle
  • Plastic parts are a bit cheaper than Minn Kota


Buying a saltwater trolling motor provides many hours of enjoyment on bodies of water with a salt basis. There several good brands to choose between. Both Newport Vessels and Minn Kota are the two, best known, but we’ve also reviewed others too.

Buying a trolling motor with the right amount of thrust for your existing boat is the most important aspect though. If anything, it pays to overbuy on thrust to avoid moving along at 1 knot and causing yourself the considerable frustration. It’s fair to say that most saltwater trolling motors won’t last forever. Just by the nature of the fact that they’re in the water and there’s a salty element to contend with, it plays havoc with components. Therefore, it’s reasonable to budget to have to replace the trolling motor used on saltwater more often than one would do with a freshwater one which isn’t anywhere near as corrosive.

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