Maintanning Tips For Boat Motor And Battery

Fishing is not an easy task without having good equipment on the boat. Modern technology has present people with electric trolling motor to make this task convenient. This equipment is an appreciated invention to any fishing boat. An electric trolling is nothing but one of the best pieces of machinery in sports fishing nowadays. It can be attached to an angler’s boat easily and can be used for distinct purposes, like the primary motor or a backup motor in the boat. They can also be used for trolling where legal.

However, maintenance is very crucial for using it properly. Even though nearly low-maintenance in the structure, these motors do need attention now-and-then, to assure they are working appropriately. Ignore carrying out the daily checks and the users will find themselves temporarily without a motor and coughing up cash for repairs or a new model.

Maintenance Of Electric Trolling Motor

An electric trolling motor is really a great apparatus for any fishing boat. The quality of this motor is better than others with respect to fishing. But, it is essential to keep them in proper condition. The lack of fundamental maintenance can lead to damage and repair or replacement expenses. Some tips are mentioned below to show how one can maintain a trolling battery and charger.battery maintaining

  • Exterior cleaning – Keeping the motor free of dirt and weeds will assist it in running smoothly. At the time of washing the motor, assure it’s properly fitted to the boat to avoid it from falling. Then, tighten any loose screws and bolts on a bow-mount motor. The exterior should be wiped using a mild soap and water solution and clear any dirt trapped in the moving parts of the unit. After the unit is dry, check the shaft for signs of wear or damage.
  • Prop analysis – Propellers are long-lasting, but not indestructible and easily damaged by hard surfaces. Prop wear, chips, and dings can greatly damage the function of the trolling motor. Adjust the motor depth for the situations to avoid impact with the bottom, and care should be taken to prevent obstacles. After that, analyze the prop for weeds or fishing line after 20 hours of normal use. Also, check whether the prop nut is secure or not.

Start by taking off the prop, read the owner’s manual and stores all loose parts like prop nut, washer and drive pin. Analyze the drive shaft. Take off any weeds or fishing line which may have tangled around the unit. This inspection should be done a few times a session. Try to remove the tangles with the help of fingers. A tweezers or flat head screwdriver is appropriate to work line or weeds free. The user should be careful not to break the seal surrounding the drive pin. After finishing this cleaning procedure, reassemble the unit following the schematic in the owner’s manual.

  • Electric parts cleaning – The user should also analyze the electric wiring and battery for motor regularly. Replace frayed or worn wiring and unraveling electrical tape. The deep-cycle trolling battery should be always fully charged. Analyze all the terminals and wash them with a battery wire brush, easily obtainable at hardware stores. Also, disconnect all the wire connections when charging the battery.

So, the maintenance of the electric trolling motor is not a very difficult task if you follow the above tips. If the motor runs into trouble, contact with the manufacturer immediately.

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