The Best Trolling Motor Tray Reviews

Fishing is a hobby for many people. To escape from the hassle of life, people on weekends like to go fishing. It is a favorite pass time for many people. For fishing, you have to wait long hours if you want to catch a lot of fishes in one go. But, this same thing can be a problem for many people as when they start fishing soon they get tired and their legs start to pain and ache.
If you want to get rid of pain and aches during the fishing, you should use a tray of the trolling motor. It allows you to fish for really long without any discomfort. It also decreases the leg or back pain while fishing. It allows you to fish for really long hours smoothly. Apart from that it also provides a new attractive look to your boat.It also makes your boat much more comfortable and easy to handle with foot control.

Various Models Of Recessed Trolling Motor Tray


E-Z TROLL FISHING BOAT MOTOR TRAY, BLACKrecessed trolling motor tray

This E-Z boat tray is manufactured in the USA. When you go out for fishing, it will help you get rid of your backache. EZ – Troll tray positions you while you do fishing. It is an adjourn trolling motor foot pedal tray that makes your boat horizontal and even. It also makes your ship deck look clean and tidy. The installation instructions given on the Troll fishing boat tray is very easy, simply because the clear instruction is provided in the trolling motor tray. So It keeps the trolling motor foot out of the way, when you are fishing. It is a very useful product for every boat. While fishing often the trolling motor keeps getting on the way, and trolling motor tray provides an even base for easy fishing.

Here are few characteristics of EZ- Troll boat motor tray-

The front drain is covered, so that the junk and trash will not block the drainage hole- water flows through a 3/8″ ID flexible vinyl tube.

  •  It can be easily set up in any boat. It also includes the instructions for it’s set up.
  • The forward design of the motor tray makes foot pedal even and also drains water quickly.
  • The troll motor fishing tray is made up of collision resistant polyethylene plastic and also UV forge throughout which does not allow the paint to fade away.
  • The weight of the Trolling boat E-Z tray is about 2.8 pounds.

So, this E- Z trolling motor tray have all the features that make it easy for fish lovers to fish for a long time without any discomfort. It is easy to set up; there is no blockage in the drain, and it is also lightweight, which makes it the choice of many fishing lovers.


TROLL- N- TRAY RECESSED TROLLING MOTOR TRAYtrolling motor foot control tray

It is a standard quality aluminum fused with trolling motor tray may fit both Minn Kota and Motorguide foot pedals. This tray is made of a high-quality aluminum with a big 1″ border for escalating and a duct wedge. If you want to purchase an excellent product, which also should be durable then TROLL – N- TRAY RECESSED TRAY is best for you. It consists of six black stainless screws for escalate, drain tube and a clasp. The tray is very easy to install. It makes fishing easy for fishing lovers and also pain-free.

Here are some of the features of Troll – N- Recessed Trolling Motor tray –

  • The finishing touch is UV protected.
  • It is a global design. It can easily fit both Minn Kota and foot pedals.
  • Long- lasting 18 gauge high-grade aluminum.
  • It consists of the drain pipe, clasp, and stainless steel escalates screws.
  • The weight of the trolling motor N-tray is about 4.3 pounds.
  • It is available in various colors.

So, from the above features, it is clear that Troll- N- Tray Recessed trolling motor pan has all the functions that make fishing easy for all people who enjoy going fishing on weekends. They will also not suffer any pain. Apart from that it also increases the tidiness of the boat. Troll-N- Tray recessed trolling motor is best choice for any fishing lover.



If you love fishing, but continuous back pain or leg pain is the reason, you stop, before you want to, then ROD SAVER MINN KOTA MODEL TRAY comes to your rescue. It helps your boat desk in looking less messy. It keeps the trolling motor even and avoids stumbling while fishing. It also gives you good foot control. It is made of large, long-lasting 1/8 inch aluminum and has heated- on powder coat finish. It can easily be set- up in any brand of boat. It comes with a set- up instructions, cutting template, drain pipe and one stainless steel for escalating hardware. The tray is well made. The model can be carried out without instructions. It is a well-made product. At the end of the day, it reduces your pain and gives you the joy fishing.


  • Better mode leads to the reduction of back pain during fishing.
  • It consists of a drain line, clasp, stainless steel screws.
  • The tray is manufactured with more safety features.
  • The measurement of this tray is about 14 inches, so it will not get installed in this recess container.
  • This tray is manufactured with 1/8 inch aluminum. This makes the tray long- lasting and of standard quality. It is heated on powder coat finish.

So, these are all the above features of ROD SAVER MINN KOTA MODEL FLAT FOOT TRAY Makes it very comfortable and the most common choice for fish lovers. It reduces the stress of back pain or leg pain faced during fishing. It makes it easy for fish lovers to continue fishing for years, without any trouble for many years.

In fact, some of the MINN KOTA TROLLING MOTORS were manufactured in late 1980 and early 1990’s. They also have got a control pedal.


ROD SAVER MOTORGUIDE MODEL FLAT FOOT TRAYbest trolling motor tray reviews

Rod Saver motor guide model foot tray is also one of the models of the trolling motor tray; that is specially designed for comfortable fishing. It also helps in reducing the pain felt during fishing, by allowing you to do fishing in a much relaxing posture. It also gives better foot control. The tray is made of about 1/8 inch aluminum. It has the finishing of heated power coat finish. Another advantage of the tray is that it can be set- up in any kind of and any brand of boat. You do not need any expert to set up the trolling tray in the ship; the instructions are given in very simple language. You can easily understand it and install the tray in a short period. It makes it much easier to fish without being off balance or stumbling. It requires at least about three to four days.


  • It increases safety; there is no tripping or stumbling.
  • The tray is designed such that it reduces the pain the occurs during the long sessions of fishing.
  • The tray is 1/8 inch aluminum, which is long- lasting, heated with a power coat finish.
  • It consists of the drain line, screws, grips. It also consists of the set- up instructions and cutting template.
  • It does not get installed in the alcove container.

So, these are the features of ROD SAVER MOTORGUIDE TRAY that make it the common choice of many fishing lovers. It reduces the stress of pain during long fishing sessions and also reduces the mess of the deck of your boat. It makes fishing an easier task for people who love to do fishing.


All, the above are the trolling motor tray that is specially designed to make fishing an easier job. Fishing is a fun task, but sometimes it gets difficult when you have to stand too long and then you suffer various kinds of pain.It enables you to enjoy fishing thoroughly. Apart from that it also keeps you from tripping or stumbling, when fishing.
It provides you a clear deck in your boat. Each trolling motor tray has its benefits. Some trolling motors are made of collision resistant polyethylene plastic and also UV forge throughout which does not allow the paint to fade away, whereas others are made of 18 gauge high-grade aluminum. Apart from that, all the trolling motor trays offer the same benefit of doing fishing easier work. It makes the trolling motor even with the surface of the boat.

So, it is important to buy a trolling motor tray for happy and comfortable fishing on weekends.

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